Financial Guarantee Bond

Financial Guarantee Bond

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In the course of your commercial endeavours, you'll often be required by any financial institution to provide a Financial Guarantee Bond. A Financial Guarantee Bond gives the financial institution assurance that if you don't perform your obligations under the terms of your financing agreement with them, they can call on the bond to reduce their losses.

As a result, the ability to offer financial institutions this Guarantee Bond means you can secure your required project financing with minimal delay.

However, the value of a bond that financial institutions requires may be a significant percentage of the project value. To issue this bond, financial institutions may require security for its full amount, tying up too much of your working capital and preventing you from pursuing other opportunities.

If you can't provide the full amount of security financial institutions requires, Pioneer Insurance Group Holdings Company Limited may be able to assist. If you meet our eligibility criteria, we can issue the bond to your financial institution . Our security requirements are based on an individual assessment of your ability to complete your project, our credit risk assessment, and the value of the security we require may be less than the amount of the bond. This enables you to meet requirements without tying up all your working capital.

What are the benefits?
. Enables you to obtain the project financing your really need.
. Frees up your working capital
. A bond can be issued directly by Pioneer Insurance Group Holdings Company Limited to your bank.
. You enter into a financing contract with your bank.
. If your bank requires the additional security of a Financial Guarantee Bond, you apply to Pioneer Insurance Group Holdings Company Limited.
. Pioneer Insurance Group Holdings Company Limited provides a guarantee to your bank, and the bank releases your project financing.

Trust and Security. Diligence, and Primary Asset Backed Guarantees - these are the three pillars that form the basis of our integrated business model. We provide our Performance Bonds worldwide for every need and complexity, and our experience, financial strength, efficiency and first-class service naturally make us your first choice.

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