Financial & Professional Risk

Financial & Professional Risk

Mitigating corporate risks that demand special attention

There are wide-ranging corporate risks for regulated professional practices, large financial institutions, publicly listed companies, and even non-profits due to increasing expectations of accountability. There are various policies you can consider to protect your company, executives, and employees against professional and management liabilities:

Directors & officers insurance ('D&O insurance')
D&O insurance is designed to protect the assets of company directors and other individuals in a corporation from personal liability claims against an individual director or the entire board of directors for wrongful acts or negligence when carrying out their duties and obligations.

Professional indemnity insurance ('PI insurance')
PI insurance covers companies and professionals while they are making their advice or knowledge from third-party negligence claims arising from potential threats or loss due to breaches of professional duty.

Cyber security insurance
Data loss and cyber attacks are key concerns in today's digital and highly mobile environment. Cyber security insurance mitigates losses from data breaches, business interruption, and network damage by providing coverage for crisis management services, asset rectification costs, multimedia liability, regulatory defence and penalties, and extortion liability.

Products liability insurance
You can be held liable for any injuries or property damage caused by a faulty product your business designed, manufactured, or supplied. Your clients may request a product liability policy to cover the compensation costs for these unforeseeable incidents that cannot be identified by our quality control system.

Medical malpractice insurance
Medical malpractice insurance covers healthcare professionals and owners/managers of medical establishments from liability claims arising from medical malpractice causing injury or loss to patients or clients.

Financial institutions insurance
Specifically designed for the banking and financial services industries, financial institutions insurance provides professional liability coverage for fidelity bonds, asset managers, insurers, brokers and agents, and finance companies.

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