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Pioneer has been providing risk management and insurance solutions to the financial industry since and has specialist knowledge of this market.​

Risk Insurance
Risk Insurance

A Contractor All Risk Insurance is designed to provide coverage for a project work on damages and third party liability arises from accidental and unforeseeable cause.

Trade Credit
Trade Credit

Growing cross-border trade inevitably increases the risks of financial defaults, delayed payments, doubtful recoveries or bad debts.

Home Insurance
Home Insurance

This product policy is usually on a multiple coverage package, which addresses the common concerns which home owners may face. 

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

This product may be a comprehensive or a third party insurance cover depending on the desire of the Insurer and the age of the vehicle.

Warranty Insurance

We provide Warranty Insurance on products such as Automobiles, Electronics, Household Goods, Machinery, Spares, Tools, etc., against electrical and mechanical breakdown.

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